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Students in St. Petersburg spent their summer staring through a microscope.

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LEARNING AND FUN! Something for everyone...from budding geologists to amateur astronomers!

Would you like to know where you can purchase a Creature Peeper, a Hand Boiler, or old-fashioned Silly Putty? You can find these items and many more treasures at the Science Center gift store. The store is a one-stop shop for starter telescopes and all things science-related. The store is open 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Monday thru Friday and during special events.

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Support STEM

Support STEM

2014-2015 STEME Catalog

Our school year field trip program (STEME) is a ninety minute experience based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Students in grades K-3 take part in two-45 minute classes while 4th grade and up have a 90 minute session. Classes are divided by content area (life, physical, earth and space, and nature of science). If you are a Pinellas County public school you will need to coordinate your class choices with the county pacing guide in order for bussing to be provided. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions. Included in the catalog is the registration information.

Cyber Security Training

Our interconnected, cyber world presents great promise. However, this world is far from safe. With new technologies comes new risks. Not only that, but private companies are recognizing that investing in information security isn't just about protecting the business. They understand that rigorous information security can better position their organization with business partners and customers, as well as enable the company to take safe advantage of newer technologies that will help their business grow. Wise company executives are leading the charge to assess the threats, define their most sensitive data, assign accountability, devise a comprehensive strategy and measure their progress. Trained Cyber Security experts are now an essential part of the IT team.

The EIC is actively seeking corporate partnerships in order to ensure that our program can grow to meet the demand for highly trained cyber security professionals. If your business is interested in finding out how it can participate, or if you're a student seeking more information, please email us at [email protected]

Manufacturing Certification

Manufacturing Certifications Available

  • Intro to Lean 101 - provided students with an introduction to Lean Manufacturing.
  • Lean 101 – provided students with an 8 hour industry recognized certification
  • Certified Manufacturing Technologist and other certifications coming soon!

Lean Manufacturing Camp

Lean Manufacturing Camp

Lean Manufacturing (Kaizen)

i. Course Description:

Classroom lecture based program with in-class simulations. Students will learn principles of six-sigma quality (total quality management) and learn how to improve processes, reduce production cycle time, increase efficiency and quality while building clocks in a simulated factory setting.

ii. Eight hour class.

Lean Manufacturing (Kaizen) for high and middle school students

i. Same class as the certification course above (made age appropriate for school students). This is a five hour non-certificated course to teach total quality management fundamentals with emphasis on group problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

Photo Voltaic Cells: The DOE / City of St. Pete and Progress Energy

Alternative and Renewable Energy – Coming Soon!

(Certifications in Development) A working array and educational exhibit is being installed this week at the EIC.

The first phase will be to set up a solar array and exhibit that will allow students and community to understand how the technology works, the physics and science behind solar energy, and what careers and skills are needed to support the industry. The second phase will be where we tie into the local grid and begin measuring the impacts of energy generation.